Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Nassau Bay/Houston, Texas

Jeff Williams, The Church and Our Life in it

April-May, 2015

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Date Title - Click for the Week's Lesson Play/ Download
April 12 Chosen, Called and Redeemed: What is the "mystery" of the church? MP3
April 19 Foundations: Authority of the Scripture - how do we view the Bible? MP3
April 26 Our Great Confession: Who is Jesus Christ? MP3
May 3 The Body of Christ: What is our place in the institution of the church? MP3
May 10 Striving for Holiness: Why does it matter and why should it be corporate? MP3
May 17 Calling in Life: What is our purpose in the time given to each of us? MP3
May 24 Ambassadors for Christ: What is our role in the logos of reconciliation? MP3
May 31 Redeeming the Time Are we investing or spending our lives? MP3